Monday, July 4, 2011

Landscape Designer Resume Sample

The responsibilities of an entry-level landscape designer are to get the knowledge about how the work is done on different landscape designer projects. An intermediate level landscape designer carries out many different designing assignments including on-the-job training. If you are one of those who want to apply for the post of a landscape designer and do not how to write a resume then given here is a sample landscape designer resume that will surely help you in forming an effective landscape designer resume. This sample designer resume is a great help for you to form an impressive landscape designer resume to get selected for an interview. This landscape designer resume sample focuses mainly on your professional achievements to the grab the interest of the recruiter.

Sample Landscape Designer Resume

Frank Aniston 
Address: 17, Lincoln Street, Wichita, KN 68812
Telephone Number: 911 - 031 - xxxx
Email Id:

Objective: Seeking for the position of a landscape designer in a well reputed company that will allow me to use my designing skills and leverage my experience

Work Summary:
  • Have the knowledge about tools and instruments that are used in landscape
  • Have good interactions skills
  • Have good coordination with clients to solve design related problems
  • Have the problem solving qualities
  • Fine in managing different clients

Technical Knowledge:

Have the knowledge about MS Office, AutoCAD, 3D Modeling and Adobe Suite

Professional Experience Details:

Garden World

Landscape Designer

2008 - till date

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Managed high profile and difficult landscape designing projects
  2. Maintained good client relationships
  3. Gave guidance to the staff for increasing the quality of their designing and graphic skills
  4. Handled a team of designers through all the phases of design on high priority designing projects
  5. Evaluated designated sites and even developed designs by considering a few factors like climate, landscape features, future usage and buildings
  6. Created clear and detailed drawings for sites including features like gardens, walkways, decks, trees, shrubs, benches, lighting and fences

Future Landscape Design 

 Landscape Designer

2007 -2008

Job Responsibilities:
  • Interacted with clients for fulfilling the designing needs
  • Supervised preparation of site plans, sketches, maps, photographs, models, land use studies and reports
  • Supervised landscape construction work
  • Conducted environmental designing studies such as conservation and re-creation of historical sites and environmental evaluation
  • Approximated evaluate tenders and costs for different landscape construction deals
  • Participated in multidisciplinary urban designing studies
  • Prepared designing guidelines to help staff in different projects
Educational Details:
  1. Completed certification course in Landscape Designing from Butler college, Wichita in the year 2006
  2. Got Masters Degree Landscape Design Management in the year 2005
  3. Got Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture in the year 2003
Personal Details:

Name: Frank Aniston 
Date of Birth: DD-MM-YYYY
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Single


Name: Jack Mathieu 
Designation: Senior Landscape Designer
Organization: Hockessin’s Landscape Architectures, Wichita

Phone No: 400-859-3329

Email ID:

Above given sample landscape designer resume will surely help you in forming a well-structured and efficient resume to get selected for an interview. You will find many designer resume sample tips online (check here) to help you in writing any resume.


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  7. Lots of good information for a landscape designer to consider when constructing his or her resume. It's also important to include a good cover letter to tie all of the important points and your achievements together.

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