Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guidance, Resume Cover Letters

Resume cover letters play a crucial role when it comes to job application. The reason why you have to write a good cover letter lies in the very basic truth of the reason why you want to get the job. There are around tons of applicants to a single job. A recruiter’s job is to streamline this flow of resumes and create a database of resume for the company’s usage.
Owing to this fact, a cover letter gives the recruiter an insight of the resume. A cover letter should contain some key highlights of the resume that helps them
Writing a letter
A letter consists of information that you intend to tell a person, in case you could not meet them personally.
Therefore, your letter should be written in such a way that there are no unnecessary details or sentences that are wrote just to fill the page up. The recruiter is only interested to know whether they have to open your resume. This is why you have to place your profile highlights in your cover letter.
Resume and Cover letter: Is just a resume enough?
When you write a resume, you need to write a cover letter that is a very suitable piece of document and acts as an advertisement to a cover letter.
A resume is a summary to your profile; to get the recruiter to read this, you need to advertise the resume. Make the recruiter interested in your resume. You can do this with the help of a cover letter.
Tips to write a cover letter:
  • Be precise: Precise writing will enable a very good rapport with the recruiters. A good cover letter will help the recruiter understand your profile better
  • Do not self praise: The recruiter is only interested whether you suit the job, not whether the job suits you. Therefore, do not write praises about yourself.
  • Do not rewrite your resume in the letter
  • Write only the highlights of your profile in the cover letter
  • Include the key points of your resume in the cover letter
  • Be formal in the language: Be friendly but not too friendly. Try to connect with the recruiter
  • The cover letter should be an advertisement to your profile. Mention all the highlighting aspects of your profiles
  • The cover letter should contain at least 2 paragraphs
  • Do not write a generic cover letter: be specific to the job you are applying for. Help the recruiter understand why your profile fits the job

Monday, July 4, 2011

Landscape Designer Resume Sample

The responsibilities of an entry-level landscape designer are to get the knowledge about how the work is done on different landscape designer projects. An intermediate level landscape designer carries out many different designing assignments including on-the-job training. If you are one of those who want to apply for the post of a landscape designer and do not how to write a resume then given here is a sample landscape designer resume that will surely help you in forming an effective landscape designer resume. This sample designer resume is a great help for you to form an impressive landscape designer resume to get selected for an interview. This landscape designer resume sample focuses mainly on your professional achievements to the grab the interest of the recruiter.

Sample Landscape Designer Resume

Frank Aniston 
Address: 17, Lincoln Street, Wichita, KN 68812
Telephone Number: 911 - 031 - xxxx
Email Id:

Objective: Seeking for the position of a landscape designer in a well reputed company that will allow me to use my designing skills and leverage my experience

Work Summary:
  • Have the knowledge about tools and instruments that are used in landscape
  • Have good interactions skills
  • Have good coordination with clients to solve design related problems
  • Have the problem solving qualities
  • Fine in managing different clients

Technical Knowledge:

Have the knowledge about MS Office, AutoCAD, 3D Modeling and Adobe Suite

Professional Experience Details:

Garden World

Landscape Designer

2008 - till date

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Managed high profile and difficult landscape designing projects
  2. Maintained good client relationships
  3. Gave guidance to the staff for increasing the quality of their designing and graphic skills
  4. Handled a team of designers through all the phases of design on high priority designing projects
  5. Evaluated designated sites and even developed designs by considering a few factors like climate, landscape features, future usage and buildings
  6. Created clear and detailed drawings for sites including features like gardens, walkways, decks, trees, shrubs, benches, lighting and fences

Future Landscape Design 

 Landscape Designer

2007 -2008

Job Responsibilities:
  • Interacted with clients for fulfilling the designing needs
  • Supervised preparation of site plans, sketches, maps, photographs, models, land use studies and reports
  • Supervised landscape construction work
  • Conducted environmental designing studies such as conservation and re-creation of historical sites and environmental evaluation
  • Approximated evaluate tenders and costs for different landscape construction deals
  • Participated in multidisciplinary urban designing studies
  • Prepared designing guidelines to help staff in different projects
Educational Details:
  1. Completed certification course in Landscape Designing from Butler college, Wichita in the year 2006
  2. Got Masters Degree Landscape Design Management in the year 2005
  3. Got Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture in the year 2003
Personal Details:

Name: Frank Aniston 
Date of Birth: DD-MM-YYYY
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Single


Name: Jack Mathieu 
Designation: Senior Landscape Designer
Organization: Hockessin’s Landscape Architectures, Wichita

Phone No: 400-859-3329

Email ID:

Above given sample landscape designer resume will surely help you in forming a well-structured and efficient resume to get selected for an interview. You will find many designer resume sample tips online (check here) to help you in writing any resume.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What One Should Include in Resume?

Resume is an important document therefore you need to write it in a well organized structure. Writing resume is a bit tricky task. You should remember that your resume is the key to impress your employers therefore it must be composed carefully. Below, we have given a few guidelines on what to include in your resume. Sample resume is also available to help you in deciding what to include in your resume.

  • Personal Details: You should include personal details in your resume like your full name, address and telephone number. You do not have to include your date of birth in this category.
  • Objective: Write your objective in a precise way stating the position that you are applying for and your strong point in a summarized form.
  • Educational Qualifications: List your educational details in this category including colleges attended, locations, certificates and course concentrations. Start with the recent degree you achieved. Mention the educational details that are relevant to the job you are seeking. If you have recently completed your graduation from some University then it is suggested to mention the courses you attended, studies if they are relevant to the job post that you are applying for.
  • Courses You are Trained In: Mention all work related training courses with all the certificates you attained. Here, you need to list only significant training courses.
  • Professional Experience Details: Write down the most recent jobs first. In your experience details, you need to include Job title and company name. Include the date you started in every job and job responsibilities in each job. List all the accomplishments of your previous company.
  • Computer Skills: Mention the computer programs you know very well like Excel, word, adobe Photoshop and accounting software.
  • Language Skills: Includes your language skills in this section if you speak more than one language.
  • Interest and Hobbies: List your hobbies, interests and sports in which you have participated in this section. You can also mention if you were an active member of any club or organization and your achievements.
  • Summary: List your major skills, personal accomplishments, qualities and strengths in this section.
  • References: It is not necessary that you need to mention references. But there are a few employers who demand for references. In such case, you need to mention minimum two references.
To make your resume impressive and effective, you need to include all the things given above. You can also get resume writing tips online (on any type like web designer resume, education resume etc. to help you in this regard. A well-structured and well-written resume will surely help you in getting selected for an interview and ultimate getting your dream job.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Sample graphic designer resume will surely help you to start on preparing an optimized resume for the hob application. Sending your resume with a link to an online portfolio is not only a need, but is also the best chance to market yourself successfully. If you are looking for a graphic designer resume sample to form resume for graphic designer post then here given sample resume surely help you in forming it. Our sample designer resume goes a long way to portray your skills and abilities effectively.

Graphic Designer Resume Sample

Richard Mathew
302 West-wood Colon

Objective: Love to work in revolutionary and challenging environment equipped with different technologies to promote my knowledge and skills.


Peterson & Associates

Graphic Designer

Job Responsibilities:
  • Designed advertising campaigns, brochure recreation, cloning and halftone processing using Photoshop
  • Designed newsletter
  • Designed logo for plankton and Winston
  • Designed promotional materials for new Hotels
  • Redrawing low quality images and disk processing
Thermax publishing services Pvt. Ltd

Graphic Designer

Job Responsibilities:
  • Created layout design for CD covers and other printed materials
  • Worked on several projects at the same time
  • Formed detail artwork with the help of verbal and written instructions
  • Accountable for layout of all the corporate accounts
  • Scanning best quality jobs to get the best results
  • Checking whether the quality is in accordance with the instructions given by the instructor
  • Resolving customer queries and handling in-house staff
Internship Experience:
  1. Created designs, which captured the core of marketing characteristics
  2. Created Business cards, banner advertising and magazine layouts
  • Completed M.A. Graphic Design Allied College, Topeka, May 2006
  • Completed Diploma in Printing Technology Alvernia College, Topeka April 2004
Computer Proficiencies:

Adobe PhotoShop, JavaScript, Dream Weaver, Premiere Quark Express, Flash


Technical Skills:
  • Proficient in using design software programs like Quark Xpress
  • Ability to learn other software in graphic designing
  • Have an aptitude to learn new technology
  • Familiar with graphic design skills such as calligraphy and capable of operating desktop publishing software.
Communication Ability:
  • Have the ability to present new ideas both visually as well as verbally
  • Have the ability to sell ideas to clients and interact with them for accomplishing the end product they desire for.
Artistic Sensibility:
  • Have the knowledge about design elements like composition and color
  • Have an artistic ability and capable of creating new designs for advertising purposes
  1. A Good team player
  2. Have the ability to handle pressure under work deadlines
  3. Welcome new ideas and receptive to learning
  4. Able to work in any type of work environment
  5. Have good verbal and writing skills
  6. Innovative and fast learner
Personal Details:

Name: Smith Rayon
Date of Birth: 11/05/1982
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Male

Languages known: English, Hindi, Germany

Hobbies: Net Surfing, playing outdoor games

This graphic designer resume sample gives you a clear picture on how to form a good and effective graphic designer resume. You can get online (here) more sample of graphic designer resume.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Make a Creative Designer Resume

Creative designer profession involves planning and executing various exceptional and unique designs and innovative ideas for the company. He has to originate an appropriate design for the product or any other material, as per the client’s requirement. Hence, it becomes essential for the individuals seeking job of a creative designer, freelance graphic designer or Assistant creative designer to know exactly how to make a creative designer resume.

The Job Description

A creative designer’s job role is not only limited to being creative. It involves many roles and responsibilities and hence is a well paid profession. Below mentioned is the job description that may involve many responsibilities and initiatives. On the basis of this job description, you resume for creative designer should be figured out.

a)      Designing all promotional and in-house creative work, campaigns and ideas for the marketing section task
b)      Managing creative directions and enclosed magazines
c)      Assisting to forecast and plan financial budget for the magazine
d)      Planning, conceptualizing, exploring and implementing every pioneering idea for the show
e)      Thinking ingeniously to make ground-breaking perceptions and contemplations

Objective in a Creative Designer’s Resume

Writing the objective is the most vital part of any resume. Objective exhibits the applicant’s or the job seeker’s profile for the interview purpose. Hence, it should be specific and precise to the job role he or she is seeking. A creative designer can be a part of a team dealing with copywriters, web developers and photographers. They can also be within graphic development and storyboarding and so the objective in a creative designer’s resume should sketch out a summary that reveals his or her creative ability.

Key Skills in a Creative Designer’s Resume

A future creative designer should highlight the following skills to acquire an opportunity to work as a creative designer.

a)      Excellent verbal as well as written communication skills
b)      Ability to communicate as well as explain ideas effectively
c)      Knowledge of administration, designing, editing, writing and of art direction
d)      Ability to do research, copy-write, produce and be able to do studio editing
e)      Time management and project handling proficiency
f)        Computer literacy which includes Microsoft office and Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash or even Photoshop for that matter as an added advantage. Experience in designing software application packages
g)      Inventive and creative designing expertise
h)      Ability to think extraordinary or out of the box

Primary Expectation

Any usual resume explains your personality in brief, as well as your talent and your achievements. However, as a creative designer you are expected to be exceptionally artistic and imaginative. Hence, your resume needs to demonstrate your artistic and imaginative abilities through its appearance as well as the matter written. Apart from the key essentials mentioned above, following are the things you need to necessarily include in your creative designer’s resume.

a)      Your work experience. As for how long have you been working a designing field or have completed internship
b)      Your degree of education in the field of designing
c)      Your contact information which includes your residential address, email address and phone number along with your full name in the beginning

Now that you know how to make a creative designer’s resume, let your creativity first reflect in your resume and then in your career as a creative designer. You can also get online tips (check this) for designer resume.